W-9s or W-8BENs Required to Receive Commission Check

Thank you to those of you who have been diligent in providing W-9s or W-8BENs (Canada) to us.

To those of you who have not provided the appropriate forms, we request you send in the forms to w9@tranont.com or via fax to 801-384-7143.

If we do not receive your form by Friday, February 10th, your commission check or ProPay direct deposit will be held. These forms are required by the IRS.

Once we receive your form, a commission check will be mailed.

If we have your form, you will be paid on the 10th as expected.

For US residents: find the W-9 by clicking here.

For Canadian residents: find the W-8BEN by clicking here.

Warm regards,

The Tranont Team

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