Tranont Home Office Staff helping the Salt Lake City Rescue Mission homeless shelter and food kitchen

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Every month the Tranont corporate team volunteers with a local charity.

To The Rescue

In April 2018, we volunteered with the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake and helped to prepare meals, organize clothing donations, and unload and unpack packages.

“We’re here to help lift people where they are and hopefully make them smile in the process,” said Russ Losee, COO at Tranont. “Many guests here just need the basics of food, clothing and a hot shower. A little kindness can make a big impact.”

The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake is a homeless shelter providing meals, showers, clothing, laundry facilities, and employment counseling completely free of cost for those struggling in Utah’s community.

“I think listening and developing friendships was the most rewarding thing I did there,” said Marianne Johnson, Tranont’s Leadership Experience Director. “I can look at these guests and see my own kids. My heart breaks hearing that so many of them don’t have family to turn to for help.”

You Can Help

The Mission also provides addiction recovery services, helping to get individuals off the streets and into housing and regular employment.

You can support the Rescue Mission by visiting or by donating your time by calling 801-355-1302 to be put on the dinner serving schedule.


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SLC Rescue Mission

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