Proteolytic Enzymes

The Power of Proteolytic Enzymes

If you’ve tried Tranont’s product, [Restore], you’ve probably heard of proteolytic enzymes. What are these things anyway? How do you even pronounce that weird word? Read on to learn all about the power of proteolytic enzymes.

What are proteolytic enzymes?

Enzymes are necessary for nearly all processes in our bodies. Without them, our bodies can’t function properly. There are thousands of enzymes, all with their own job to do.

Proteolytic enzymes, (pronounced pro-tee-oh-li-tic) are digestive enzymes, helping our bodies break down and digest food. They also work to repair the body after an injury or workout, and protect against future injuries and illness.

How do proteolytic enzymes work?

Proteolytic enzymes work in two ways:

1.) Taken with meals, they function as a digestive enzyme, breaking down meals making food easier for your body to digest.

2.) They also work when taken orally between meals, without food. The enzymes don’t have to compete with food, so they’re more quickly absorbed in the small intestine, making their way to your blood to do their job.

Once these enzymes are in your system, they begin to break down proteins that cause scar tissue and inflammation, thus decreasing the pain, swelling, and inflammation you feel after an injury or workout.

Photo by Jacob Postuma on Unsplash

Why do I need proteolytic enzymes?

These enzymes are essential for many vital processes in your body, including digestion and immune function.

Without the powerful armor these enzymes provide, your body is weaker, healing slower, getting sick more often, and slowing you down.

Where do I find proteolytic enzymes?

Proteolytic enzymes are primarily found in papaya and pineapple. However, to receive an optimal amount of these important enzymes, we recommend a supplement.

Tranont Health’s [Restore] Healing & Recovery is a great choice. [Restore] contains a proteolytic enzyme blend, providing daily immunity and protection.

[Restore] has many great benefits:

  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Aids in quick workout recovery and faster injury healing
  • Improved protein digestion
  • Antioxidant support

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