The #August3030 Challenge

Tranont 30-30 challenge : Talk to 30 new people in 30 days

Last Updated: Aug 7, 2017

Talk to 30 New
Prospects in 30 Days

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This is the 30-30 challenge: Present Tranont to 30 new
prospects in 30 days.
By participating, you and your teams will see incredible
growth this month! Plus, as you post about your experience, you’ll be entered
to win free admission to the October International Convention.
Are you ready for an explosion in your business?
Read through the following 4 steps, then teach them to your
team! Together, you and your team will reach your goal of each presenting to 30
new prospects in 30 days.
Step 1:
Keep It Simple.
Invite friends to meet through a text.

Tranont Change Life: Keep your invite simple and do it with a text.

How many phone calls do you make in a day? A week? A month?
The world has changed, and our tactics need to change along
with it. We primarily communicate through text and messaging services now. Did
you know 97% percent of all texts are at least read and the majority of texts
are read in the first two minutes?
We are a texting world.
So, what’s the easiest way to invite someone to meet? …
Through a text!
Your goal in inviting is NOT to sign up new customers or new
team members. – Sounds a little weird, right?
It’s true. Your goal in meeting with your prospects is not to “close” them, it’s to ask a few questions, present a little
information, and see if
now is the right time for them to learn more.
If you approach each meeting with a prospect as, “Wow, I’m
so excited to catch up with [Sonia] and share why I’m so excited,” then you’re
going to knock this challenge out of the park.
What do I say?
Keep your piquing script personal and simple. Again, you
aren’t trying to “close” anyone. Your only goal is to catch up with someone and
share what you’re currently working on.
There are four different ways you can present information to
a new prospect:

Meeting in person, 1-on-1’s (still the best
option out there)
An online webinar
3-way calls
A PBR meeting

Think about the needs of each prospect and which type of presentation
will work best.
Meeting In Person, 1-on-1
Try texting something as simple as:
“Want to grab lunch next week?”
“Can I steal you from work and take you to lunch next week?”
“Will you be at the soccer game on Tuesday?”
“Let’s catch up at the dog park tonight.”
“We’re having a GOT party Sunday! Do you already have
“I’m craving bagels! Let’s do coffee tomorrow?”
You’ve got to keep it simple and fit it into your
existing schedule.
Most of the people you text will respond with “Sure.” Some
of them will ask, “What’s this all about?”
If they ask you what it’s about, you should be honest and
say, “I’m starting a new project with a few friends. I wanted to get your
advice.”  — People LOVE when you ask for
their advice.
If they ask, “Is this about that MLM thing you’re doing?”
Then back up and say, “I’m enjoying that new MLM thing. J But this is actually
about coffee. It’s been a while and I have some free time coming up. I thought
it would be nice to catch up.”
Then, when you meet, catch up. Find an opportunity to ask. “Hey,
you sounded hesitant about the MLM thing I’m doing. Have you been a part of one
before?” – and get him or her to share their story.
Tranont Change Life August 30-30 challenge: Talk to 30 new people in 30 days

Online Webinar, 3 Way Calls, PBR

When you invite friends to a more formal Tranont
presentation, keep in mind your relationship with them. Typically, your
relationship will fall into one of three categories:

      1. You look up to her, 2. You are both peers, 3. She looks up to you.

The Advice Approach – You Look Up To Her
“Hey [Liz], how have you been? [something personal]”
… wait for response …
“So glad to hear it, man.”
“Hey, I know you [graduated with a finance degree]. Do have
about 30 minutes on Wednesday night? I’d like to get your advice on something.”
“I just started a project with a couple friends. I’m super
excited about it. Could you look into it and tell me, from a money perspective,
if you think it works?”
Excitement Script – Talking To A Peer
“Hi [Bob], Dude, what are you doing Wednesday night?”
… wait for response …
“Awesome! Man, I just found something and I’m stoked out of
my mind – you’re probably going to think the same thing. Have you thought about
doing something to earn some extra income?”
“Sweet. You’ll love it. The first step is to actually meet
one of the top executives. She’s doing an online thing for everyone she can’t
personally meet on Wednesday. You’ll be able to ask questions and get to know
her – she’s incredible!”
Instruction Approach – She Looks Up To You
“Hey [Sandy], How have you been? [Personal message].”
… wait for response…
“Hey, I know we talked a while back about money and that
sort of thing. I wanted to let you know I found something that inspires me to
wake up and live a fuller life. I don’t think I’d be a good friend if I didn’t
let you know about it. Do you have time Wednesday night to talk?”
Step 2:
Book Appointments In Your Calendar.
Fill up your calendar.
Take a before and after of your calendar each week and post
them to Facebook with #August3030 to
enter to win. (Learn more about entering to win at the end of this training.)

As you book appointments, you’re going to have a few
cancelations.  Boost your weekly meeting
goal to 9 or more to make sure you meet your goal of 30 new presentations.
Step 3:
Verify Meeting
Before your meeting, PBR, or online presentation, text your
friend again and verify they’ll be there. A quick, “I’ll see you at 2” usually
works great.
If you’re meeting 1-on-1, be yourself. Catch up with your
friend. You’ll find ample opportunity to talk about what you’re currently
working on.
Important Points
What is Tranont?
“We help families manage their money, improve their finances,
and even earn a little on the side. Money is usually a huge frustration to
families. We help you totally control your finances so you don’t have to spend
time thinking about it — then you’re free to go live the life you want.”
“We help everyone get a clear picture of their current
situation. So, debt, income, taxes, and credit. Our wealth specialists offer a
free analysis and go over everything with clients. Then we talk about ways to
improve debt. Maybe that’s improving your credit score so you can refinance
your car loan and save a few thousand dollars.”
Then share your personal story about using the
products. How has it benefitted you? Or if you’re new, share a story of someone
in your team.
Step 4:
The Next Step is most important part of any discussion about
Tranont, and often the most overlooked.
Your goal isn’t to close your friend, just to ask questions,
present information, and to see if now
is the right time or not.
Ask questions to understand her interest:
“What did you like most about that?”
“Let me ask you, based on what you’ve seen, how would you
rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, 1 being ‘not at all interested’ and 10 being ‘totally
“What would you need to consider yourself a 10?”
Depending your conversation, you will want to do a few
things depending on her level of interest:
10  Totally Interested And Sold Herself:
Go to the website and enroll her!
Then do a 3-way call to introduce her to your upline mentor. Finally, have her
download the 6 Steps To Success Launch, and schedule about 40 minutes with her
when you can review it later that week.
7-9 Kind of
If she isn’t eager to get started,
invite her to a local PBR so she can see the support of the Tranont family. You
may want to schedule a time later that day or the next to have a 3-way call with an upline mentor so he
or she can answer questions.
** Warning** If you’re getting a lot of questions,
especially technical ones, try your best NOT to answer them. Rely on tools
to answer them or a call with an upline if necessary. Why? You’ll be
demonstrating HOW to duplicate what you’re doing as you do so. If she thinks
there is a lot of technical stuff to memorize to be successful, she might not
join the team. But if she can see that there are tools and support networks to
help answer any question, she can start right away and be successful.
4-6 Meh:
If your friend has zero passion
either way for what you explained, just ask if you can follow up with her in a
month on how it’s going. You never know how things will change over time. If
you talk about your success in a month, that might be the spark she needs.
There is never a bad prospect, just bad timing.
1-3 Uninterested:
Thank her for meeting up with you.
Ask her if it’s ok if you can share information about services with her as
promotions come along. Then actually do it. Consider her a customer-in-waiting.
0 Hates you a little
Tell her, “I would never want to
hurt our relationship, or let something like a business come between us.” Then be
a better friend to her. She’ll respect you, and may even ask to know more later
How To Win A Convention Ticket
Show us your calendar!

Click here to watch our Aug 7 Booking Blitz:

When you’re in business for yourself, who’s your boss? Your
Starting August 7th, each Monday in August we’ll
do a Facebook LIVE booking blitz with a Tranont executive. (You do not need to
wait for Monday to start. Gather as teams online, or in person and do your own
booking blitz! Any public #August3030 post will count as an entry.)
Take a “before” picture or screenshot of your Tranont
calendar. As you participate in the booking blitz you’ll write down the days
and times you’re going to meet with your friends in your calendar. Once you’re
done with your booking blitz, take an “after” picture.
Post both the “before” and “after” picture publically to
your personal Facebook or Instagram profile with #August3030. Each #August3030
post will enter you to win free admission or guest admission to the October National
Convention in Park City, Utah.
Tell people how excited you are in the post.
We’ll draw weekly winners on conference calls or Facebook
*Associates can’t win more than one ticket.

Booking Blitz Tips

Click here to watch our Aug 7 Booking Blitz:

Tranont August3030 Challenge | Chad Reiser | Network Marketing Piquing Interest
To meet with 30 new people this month, we’ll need to reach
out to many more than that.  
Do The Math:
If you text 10 different people, half will typically say “yes”
to meeting, then 1/3 of those may cancel. This means that of 10 people you
reached out to, you’ll meet with 3 of them.
To meet your goal of meeting or presenting to 30 new
prospects in August, how many different contacts should you reach out to? 100.
Pro Tip: Text 25 – 30
new people each week during your booking blitz.

That’s it. Now share what you’ve learned with your team.

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