Awesome Amla

Commonly used in India, this fruit becoming known around the world for several benefits. Read on to find out what makes amla awesome. What is Amla? Amla, also commonly known as Indian gooseberry, is a fruit native to India and used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Although it resembles a green grape, amla is more bitter

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amazing ashwagandha

Amazing Ashwagandha

Read on to learn about this amazing herb and its many uses. What is ashwagandha? First of all, how do you pronounce ashwagandha? Ash-wa–gand-ha. Okay, so what does that mean? Ashwagandha is a Sanskrit word for “smell of the horse.” The name refers to the herb’s smell and its ability to provide strength. Ashwagandha is

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The Dish on Digestive Enzymes

Everyone loves food. But no one loves the problems that often occur after a delicious meal. So how can we avoid those long bathroom trips? The key is digestive enzymes. What are digestive enzymes? Digestive enzymes are substances our bodies produce that help us digest and break down food. They help to break down proteins,

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Explaining ORAC

You may have seen the acronym ORAC floating around if you’ve been researching Tranont’s products. What does ORAC even mean? Well, let’s find out! OMG, what is ORAC? ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. Let’s break that down in layman’s terms. ORAC is a score given to foods that measures their antioxidant capacity. The

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Proteolytic Enzymes

The Power of Proteolytic Enzymes

If you’ve tried Tranont’s product, [Restore], you’ve probably heard of proteolytic enzymes. What are these things anyway? How do you even pronounce that weird word? Read on to learn all about the power of proteolytic enzymes. What are proteolytic enzymes? Enzymes are necessary for nearly all processes in our bodies. Without them, our bodies can’t

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All About Collagen

You’ve heard all about our new product ICARIA Glow: Advanced Collagen, but do you know why collagen is so important? Read on to learn all about this powerful protein and what it can do for you. What is collagen? Collagen is the body’s most important structural protein, making up to 90% of every tissue from

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Tranont Summer Sizzle Promotion Continued

October CEO Call Recap

September was another fantastic month at Tranont! Summer is over, but take advantage of this cozy fall season to share Tranont with your friends, family, and neighbors. Please take a few minutes to listen to the CEO call if you haven’t already: >> Click Here To Listen To The Call << Here are the announcements

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