Stay on Track with the Daily Method of Operation

Use a Daily Method of Operation to keep track of the right business activities, and watch as you climb to Emerald!

Just like climbing a mountain, reaching Emerald depends on developing the habit of consistently doing the right activities to get the right result.

Every day, track your climb in these three areas:

1.    Using Tranont products
2.    Sharing Tranont products
3.    Sharing the Tranont opportunity

To access the DMO from your back office: Log in to > “Sales Tools and Training” > “Daily Method of Operation”

Using the DMO To Track Success

Look at the DMO now. As you complete an income-producing activity, mark down how many points you earned.

Most income-producing activities should be done more than once in a day.

Next, set a daily goal. How many points will you earn today? How many hours will you spend today to earn those points?

Make sure you are always using a DMO to stay organized and on top of your goals!

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