Sampling Keys To Success

Have a plan.
What is your goal in sharing [Life]? Is it to gain new
customers or help someone start their own Tranont business? Share [Life] with
your goals in mind.
How many people do you want to contact each day? How many
conversations each day? How many sample packs do you want to hand out? Prepare
the number of samples each day and keep them in your purse, car or desk ready
to hand out.
Label everything.
Include your name and contact information on everything you
hand out. Your friend may pass on the sample you gave them. Make sure everyone
that gets a sample can contact you for more.
Fortune is in the follow-up.
When you give out a sample, arrange for a day and time when
you’ll call him or her to talk about their experience. If asking for their
phone number seems too forward, simply ask, “Are you on Facebook? Perfect! Can
I add you and then just message you on Thursday?”
Continue to follow-up.

How many times did you take home a brand-new item only for
it to sit there for a few weeks? The people you’ve given samples to will need
to be reminded when and how to use [Life]. Continue to instruct on how to use [Life].
Follow-up with prospective customers or team members so they understand you’re
interested in their health
and success.

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