May CEO Conference Call Recap

April was a great month! Everyone has done amazing things and we are impressed by your hard work. We know May is going to be another incredible month.

If you would like to listen to the May CEO Call, click here. Listen to what Mr. Lorne Berry, Founder and CEO of Tranont, Mr. Jake Spencer, VP of Tranont, Mr. John Singh and Ms. Veronica Juncer had to say!

We apologize that parts of the recording are not very clear due to issues with phones.

May 2017 – Amazing May

Associates who close three (3) retail services* in May** = $300
Associates who close five (5) retail services* in May = $700 more for a grand total of $1,000.

*Only includes these retail services: Merchant Processing, Business Phones, Satellite, Home Security, and Solar.
**Must have one (1) personal recruit.

Executive in 15 Days: Join in May and reach Executive rank in 15 Days = $200. Paid two (2) days following your date of official rank advancement.

Associates who join in May and submit a policy within 30 days of signing receive: Executive: $10/month; FC: $20/month; 1 Star FC: $30/month; 2 Star FC: $40/month

NorthStar May Promotion
Protect: 4 additional points of security and $5.00 off monthly rate
Connect: 1 additional piece of Automation and $5.00 off monthly rate

Referrals should be made through

We are so excited for the amazing things that are happening here at Tranont and realize it is due to your efforts and dedication to this amazing cause. Let’s make April another incredible month!

Best wishes,
The Tranont Team

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