Tranont Las Vegas Convention Announcements

March Convention Updates

Las Vegas was incredible! Everyone that attended received priceless training, met new friends, and had a TON of fun!

Here is a recap of the announcements:
(Scroll all the way to the end. There is a ton of great information here.)

Buy Your ELEVATE June 2018 Tickets Now

Tranont ELEVATE VIP Ticket June 2018
June 2018 VIP Ticket for Tranont
Tranont June 2018 ELEVATE Conference in SLC Utah
ELEVATE June 2018 Regular Admission Ticket – Tranont 

2019 Emerald Incentive Trip

Do you find yourself ordering a lot of extra Vibe?

For just $99 / year, USA customers can pay once for all shipments from Tranont. No matter how large or frequent the orders, all shipments will be covered.

Coming Soon.

New Commissions On Personal Sales

Volume on Wealth, Health and Retail Products now all share the same volume commission schedule.


All personal volume counts toward increasing your residual check. Earn 500 PV between all products and you’ll receive 20% commissions.

Are you looking for new ways to boost your personal residual check or reach that next rank? Check out exclusive savings on services you and your friends are already using! By referring these services to your friends, your residual check can keep going up!

Click here to learn about Tranont exclusive savings through our retail partners.

New Tranont Websites

Health. Wealth. Community.

The new website clearly explains our vision for impacting the lives of one billion people for good.

Check Out The New Website

Replicated Websites

Each Active Associate will have their own Tranont replicated website. In the top right corner, your information and photo will be displayed.

Replicated websites will rollout this week.

Be ready for your own website:

  • Update your photo in the associate center. Make sure your face takes up the majority of the frame.
  • Update contact information under My Account > Account Preferences

This Is Tranont

A new website will launch in the next few months to give basic information to prospective customers or business partners. will have many of our sales tools publically available to refer your prospects to.

New Tranont Videos

We have a new piquing video:

Right Click to download here
Click here to watch on YouTube

This video is best presented at the start of your home meetings. Watch Mr. Peter Arroyo Jr. introduce the new video during our live business overview from the Convention in Las Vegas.

New Health Product videos:

VibeWatch on YouTube or (Right click here to download)
BalanceWatch on YouTube or (Right click here to download)
Life — Watch on Youtube or (Right click here to download)

And a new business overview presentation for training will be available later this month. Use the business overview recordings to improve your own training skills. Copy what the trainers say and practice presenting along with the videos.

Note: Updated overview sheets, compensation plan documents, and powerpoint slides will all be available in your back office under “Sales Tools” later this week.

New Jeep4U Qualifications

Now Jeep Wranglers 5 model years or newer qualify for the Jeep4U bonus.

New Rank Names

To better distinguish the ranks between our TranontLife Agents and our Tranont Independent Marketing Associates, we’re changing the names on the network marketing side.

Effective today, the new rank names are as follows:

Leg Requirement Updates

To rank advance to Pearl, a minimum of two legs are needed (changed from a minimum of three legs).

Tranont Associates can now receive Associate discounts with Office Depot. Please watch for more information later to learn how to receive this discount.

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