Image of the Tranont Founders working on a project in Mali

The Mali Chicken Farm

Changing Lives One at a Time

At Tranont, our goal is to impact one billion lives for good over the next twenty years. We’ve already changed the lives of thousands of Americans, helping them live healthier, wealthier, and happier.

Imagine how amazing our world will be with one billion healthier, wealthier, and happier people!

Visiting Mali

Back in 2015, we visited Mali, one of the poorest countries on earth. Much of its population resides in remote villages with little to no access to clean water or even modern medicine. Many citizens travel to the country’s capital, Bamako, in hopes of finding a job, but there are hardly any jobs to go around.

“I just want to survive,” said Adama Dembele, a resident of Mali.

With the right education and access to resources, we knew we could help Adama and hundreds of others like him to achieve better lives.

Tranont Chicken Farm in Mali
The Chicken Farm in Mali that Tranont helped build and educate the workers.

Chicken Farm

Together with Tranont partners, we started a chicken farm right outside Bamako, with the goal to educate people on producing eggs and raising chickens efficiently.

Ever since, the farm has been providing people with employment and food.

“It’s so important to have a vision, and stick to that vision,” said Russ Losee, COO at Tranont. “Sticking to that vision will get you through the hard times and you’ll be able to see the fruits of your labor.”

Tranont school in Mali Russ Losee and Lorne Berry
Tranont Owners, Lorne Berry and Russ Losee, building a school in Mali.

One Billion For Good

In 2018, Tranont executives returned to the chicken farm to further help the community by constructing a new school.

Together, the chicken farm and school will serve as important resources for helping people live healthier, get better jobs, gain educations, and change the world.

“We are going to change the world,” said Craig Kotter, SVP of Sales at Tranont. “Whether that’s helping people in Africa, helping people at home, helping people in our neighborhoods – wherever that is, it’s going to be amazing to make an impact on someone’s life. We want to make a difference.”

Your Impact

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