Tranont Elevate Convention Announcements

Long Beach Annoucements

We had a blast in Long Beach!

This was our most exciting convention yet! Tranont Associates from all over gathered together to learn, grow, and be inspired by top leaders and executives.

We have lots to announce from this amazing weekend:

New Products!

  • [Restore] Healing & Recovery
    • For more information about [Restore], click here
  • ICARIA Renewal Science Line
    • ICARIA Glow: Advanced Collagen – 32 oz bottle or 9 pack of 2 oz shots
    • For more information about ICARIA, click here

Compensation Plan Update

  • Customer Volume is now Customer Points
  • Customer Points are equal to Customer retail percentage:
    • 0 to 199 = 10%
    • 200 to 999 = 20%
    • 1000 and above = 35%

Drive for 5 Campaign

  • With the new Customer Points, when you enroll 5 customers in a Health or Wealth Core, your commission will nearly cover the cost of purchasing your own Health or Wealth Core.
  • More customers = more commission!

Introducing Product Mastery Cards!

Product Pricing Update

  • Health CORE will now be $125 (effective Oct 1)
  • [Balance] will now be $50 (effective Oct 1)

Earn More Money as a Referring Agent for TranontLife

  • Refer to Tranont Compensation Plan for more information

TranontU Coaching

  • TranontU coaching is now available for every Associate purchasing the Wealth Core
  • Anyone on the Wealth Core as well as anyone with 200 PV or more can receive TranontU coaching (effective Oct 1)
  • TranontU is a community of some of the most inspiring and uplifting entrepreneurs on the planet. You’ll have exclusive access to webinars with game-changing trainings, insights, and updates to help you and your team grow, thrive, and advance ranks.

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