L.E.A.D. Fall 2019 Incentive

One of the best things about Tranont is the dedication to celebrating Associates who work hard and achieve their goals!

We hope to celebrate you on our next incentive trip!

Announcing the L.E.A.D. Fall 2019 Incentive Competition!  

Achievers will be eligible for a range of vacation packages in gorgeous Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

L.E.A.D. Fall 2019 Announcement Video

Which tiered prize package will you earn?

Each package includes 4 Days and 3 Nights at a family-friendly resort, in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico!

  • Tier 1: Hotel (7,500+ pts.)
  • Tier 2: Flight and Hotel (10,000+ pts.)
  • Tier 3: Upgrade your room to a suite (15,000+ pts)
  • Tier 4: Flight, Hotel, and Exclusive Excursion (Top 10 winners)

The competition started on October 1, 2019, and ends midnight (HST) on December 31, 2019.

All Tranont Associates in good standing are eligible.

Points will be awarded for a number of business building activities so whether you’re coming off a win or climbing out of a slump, you can participate and earn your way to Mexico!

Here’s how to earn points:

  1. Complete your Blue Number Meeting: 500 pts
  2. Become licensed Tranont Life agent: 200 pts 
  3. Refer or write a life policy and it closes: 0.31 pts/policy point*
    1. *(Your name must be on the split form)
  4. Refer or write an annuity and it closes: 0.25 point/policy point*
    1. *(Your name must be on the split form)
  5. Personally preregister for the April Salt Lake City Convention:* 
    *(One time points are given for pre-registration)
    – Preregister at Phoenix Convention: 750 pts 
    – Pre-register after Phoenix Convention: 500 pts
    – Register during new Associate signup: 750 pts
  6. A direct sponsor preregisters for Convention: 200 pts 
  7. All open line* registrations for Convention: 20 pts/ea. 
    *(No open line pre-reg for any position above Diamond)
  8. Achieve Customer Point (CP) volume tiers each month:
    – 200-999 CP: 250 pts
    – 1000-1499 CP: 750 pts
    – 1500-2499 CP: 1500 pts 
    – 2500 + CP: 2000 pts
  9. Change the date of your autoship subscription:* 
    *(One time points are given for autoship) 
    – 1st – 7th: 500 pts
    – 8th – 15th: 250 pts
  10. Personally sponsor a new Associate 
    – With 100 PV in their first month: 350 pts 
    – With less than 100 PV in their first month: 100 pts
  11. Rank Advance: 1,500 pts*
    *(Counted on work completed October – December. Rank Advancement is calculated on the 1st day of the following work month)

Download and print the information sheet to help you set your goals and track your progress.

Familiarize yourself with the official rules and regulations.

Good luck, everyone! We know you can do this! 

We can’t wait to party with you in Cabo San Lucus!

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