Tranont Elevate Convention Announcements

Exciting Convention Announcements

July is already getting off to a great start! We have a lot of exciting announcements from June’s ELEVATE SLC Convention!

Here’s a recap of the nine amazing announcements:


Image of new flyers and cards for Tranont Health Marketing

  • New Marketing Materials! – We’ve upgraded our marketing materials to make it easier than ever to share Tranont’s products.

> Click here to download the new materials on and start sharing!


Tranont is your path to success!

  • Introducing TranontU – TranontU is a community of some of the most inspiring and uplifting entrepreneurs on the planet. You’ll have exclusive access to webinars with game-changing trainings, insights, and updates to help you and your team grow, thrive, and advance ranks.

> Click here to download the TranontU information flyer.


  • We’ve updated some of our websites – TranontLife Back Office and Tranont Back Office Portal have a new look. Check them out!


  • TranontLife Referral Flow – At signup, opt in option for Wealth Strategy Session with Certified Licensed Agent. Take advantage of this enhanced training for higher quality policies and personal agency growth.


  • Platinum Payment, Same Services – More Options – Easy referral process, expert merchant support, more options with high risk, same $500 guarantee, same great service!


  • Tranont Compliance Training – Create a strong, healthy, successful business! We’re offering compliance education and training modules as well as compliance certification to help you promote Tranont the best way possible.


  • Corporate Service Pro Update – Your business solution! We offer entity setups, estate planning and setups, business contract reviews, and a legal documents library for all other legal needs.


Tranont will be featured again in the Fall Prosper magazine

  • Prosper Magazine – Attain Sapphire rank or higher by August 31st, 2018, to be featured in a future edition of Prosper Magazine!


  • Everything Else – We eliminated the $40 Preferred Customer fee! We also updated the Builder Bonus rank requirement. Pearl and Ruby ranks must maintain rank for 2 commission cycles to obtain bonus. Sapphire and Emerald must maintain rank for 3 commission cycles to obtain bonus.

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