How Tranont Lifts Where We Live

Every month, the Tranont corporate team volunteers with a local charity. We create memories, help our neighbors, and lift our community. Here are some of our recent accomplishments.

Packing Meals for the Five.12 Foundation

Tranont corporate team at Five.12

43% of elementary school students in Utah County go hungry when not at school. They’re going home full on Friday and coming back hungry on Monday.

The Five.12 Foundation wants to change that. They’re helping these hungry students by providing weekend backpacks full of food.

Five.12 delivers over 1000 meals every weekend. They’ve delivered over 15,000 meals this school year alone.

In January, the Tranont corporate team volunteered with Five.12 to pack 1,566 meals for kids along the Wasatch Front. We helped Five.12 in their goal to eliminate childhood hunger one meal at a time.

You can help the Five.12 Foundation too by donating.

Sixth Grade Class Party and Donation to Title 1 School

Community Christmas Party

This month, we had a blast throwing the sixth grade a class party and donating school supplies to a local Title 1 school! Share with us what your team did in your community by emailing!

Posted by Tranont on Friday, December 21, 2018
Tranont corporate team at Timpanogos Elementary

In December, our corporate team had a blast putting together a Christmas party for Timpanogos Elementary, a local Title 1 school.

The Title 1 program provides financial assistance to public schools with high numbers of poor children. The program strives to give them the tools they need to achieve and succeed.

Many Title 1 students don’t receive the support they need at home to thrive at school.

For the sixth graders at Timpanogos Elementary, basic supplies like markers and pencils were in high-demand and in short supply.

The students were absolutely overjoyed when our Tranont team gave them much-needed supplies and a much-needed party.

“This is something they’ve been super excited about. We’ve been talking about it for a month, and they’ve been waiting and waiting for it and they are having a blast. Anything that can help motivate them is huge, so this has been a huge lifesaver for us, especially at Christmas,” said Tiffany, a teacher at Timpanogos Elementary.

Toilet Paper Drive

Tranont corporate team at Tabitha’s Way

Last November, we participated in a toilet paper drive for Tabitha’s Way Pantry.

Why toilet paper? It’s a very important item for people in need, but unfortunately, it’s not something most people think about when donating. This resulted in a toilet paper shortage at Tabitha’s Way.

Originally, our goal was to reach 1,000 rolls of toilet paper.

Our corporate staff competed on teams to see who could bring the most rolls. Of course, with a dose of healthy competition, we went above and beyond our goal, reaching 3,039 rolls!

With the huge success of our corporate competition, we decided to open up our toilet paper drive to Tranont Associates. We ended up with thousands of rolls being donated to pantries and shelters across the country.

If you’d like to help Tabitha’s Way, you can donate or sign up to volunteer here.

Lift Where You Live

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