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Helping Puerto Rico: The Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

2017 was a difficult year for many people.

In the Eye of the Storm

It seemed like we were hearing about a new disaster every day. We wondered when it would end.

In September, one of the world’s worst natural disasters occurred. Hurricane Maria is the tenth most intense Atlantic hurricane on record, and the deadliest storm of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

The storm affected the islands of Dominica, Puerto Rico, and numerous others, resulting in billions of dollars of damage, the displacement of thousands of people, and most costly of all, the loss of many lives.

Hurricane Maria forming over the Atlantic Ocean (Photo: The Naval Research Laboratory/ NOAA)

Before and After the Hurricane

Only a few months before Maria, we launched Tranont in Puerto Rico, establishing a relationship with our Puerto Rican Associates.

We were extremely excited to be delivering Tranont to a new area, thrilled at the prospect of how our company could serve a brand new market.

We couldn’t believe that in such a short amount of time, Puerto Rico had gone from a bright, vibrant country, filled with amazing people and culture, to a place of complete literal darkness.

In the aftermath of the hurricane, the entire country was without power. The Associates we had grown to love were living in darkness, without access to clean drinking water, food, or necessary medical supplies like insulin.

Many of them were displaced, their homes destroyed or damaged beyond repair. We were completely devastated.

“I was shocked,” said Marianne Johnson, Tranont’s Leadership Experience Director. “In just one night, Puerto Rico was devastated. It took a few days before we knew the condition of our Tranont Family on the island.”

Debris clogged road in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Joshua L. DeMotts, Public Domain)

What We Did to Help

When we heard about the dire situation in Puerto Rico, we thought about ways to help and came up with the idea of raising money by selling “Change Life” t-shirts.

Almost immediately, we saw success. People everywhere were interested in buying our t-shirts and interested in changing lives. We couldn’t print the shirts fast enough!

In total, we sold 181 shirts and raised $3,337.58 to assist Puerto Rican families with relief from Hurricane Maria. The money went to providing food, sanitation, and bringing back electrical power to buildings all over Puerto Rico.

"Change Life" t-shirts
“Change Life” T-shirts

“Thank You, Tranont”

Our Puerto Rican Associates were extremely grateful. They felt truly valued and cared for by our company. Tranont really does believe in doing good, wherever and whenever we possibly can.

We helped many families in dire circumstances, giving them food, medical supplies, and hygiene kits. Our Associates and their families could not thank Tranont enough. We saved their lives.

Tranont Associates in Puerto Rico

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The situation in Puerto Rico is slowly improving. It’s been several months since Hurricane Maria. 2017 left a devastating impact on the world, but we pulled through by helping one another.

Today, Puerto Rico is still trying to recover from the aftermath of the hurricane. Electrical power has mostly returned, structures are being rebuilt, and donations from all over the world have helped Puerto Rico provide food, water, and shelter for its people.

Putting together care packages

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Lift Where You Live

At Tranont, it is our mission to positively impact the lives of one billion people.

To accomplish our mission, our vision extends beyond better health and greater wealth – we’re helping each person change their life and empowering them to lift their community.

From doing something simple like raking our neighbor’s leaves, to volunteering at the homeless shelter, to something as amazing as visiting another country to build homes and schools, we know we can change lives… and so can you.

“I want Tranont to leave a positive impact on the world. Lifting your community is one of the greatest ways you can have a positive impact,” said Craig Kotter, VP of Sales.

It doesn’t matter where you live – you can always find ways to help others. There are always ways to lift where you live and change life.

Tranont Home Office Staff helping the Salt Lake City Rescue Mission homeless shelter and food kitchen
The Tranont Home Office helping the Rescue Mission of Salt Lake City

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