Tranont Associate Calls Customer To Follow Up On An Order

Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

Get better results by following up, and continuing to follow up with prospective customers for a full 90 days.

Use the 3-3-3 follow-up method:

After 3 days, “Did you use the sample? What was your experience? Let’s include you on my next order.”

Remember: How many times did you take home a brand-new item only for it to sit there for a few weeks? The people you’ve given samples to will need to be reminded when and how to use [Life]. Read More… 

After 3 weeks, “How are you liking [Life]? Have you shared your experience with your friends and family? Can you think of three people we can get on the phone with to talk about [Life] and Tranont?”

After 3 months, “How’s your experience? Should we change your order to better fit how you’re using [Life]? Let’s reorder or upgrade your account.”

Remember, your business runs in 90-day cycles. The more samples you give out now, the more customers you’ll have and the bigger your team will be in 90 days. If you take a couple weeks off, in 90 days you’ll have two weeks of slow growth in your business. Keep planting more seeds and following up to see the harvest!

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