Tranont Summer Sizzle Promotion Continued

August CEO Call Recap

June and July were record-breaking months at Tranont! There has never been a better time to share Tranont with your friends and neighbors.

Please take a few minutes to listen to the CEO call if you haven’t already:

>> Click Here To Listen To The Call <<

Here are the announcements from the call:

  • Reach Sapphire (or above) by the end of August and you’ll be featured in a future issue of Prosper Magazine!
  • Our second Base Camp leadership retreat will happen this month. Invitations will go out today and tomorrow.
  • Our Fall Long Beach Convention is happening NEXT MONTH! If you want the momentum you’re seeing others have, you must be there! This convention will change everything for you and your team.
  • The Wealth Strategy Session opt-in during a new customer or Associate sign-up is the best chance to help your team get on the right path toward greater wealth. Promote and train on this new feature!
  • Plus, we have incredible momentum with the $99 enrollment (USA + PR, $129 CAN)! Let’s keep it going! We’re going to extend this industry-leading special just one more month!  (Listen to the announcement at 27 min in)!

(Click the images below to download and share.)

Start your own home business for just 99 August 2018 with Tranont Start your own home business for just 99 August 2018 with Tranont






-Lorne Berry
Tranont CEO and Founder

Something New…
A sneak peek of new Tranont Health products with new bottles shown all in black
TWO new products will be unveiled this September. As a Convention attendee, you’ll have an exclusive chance to purchase them 60 days before they go on sale to the public.
The ONLY way you can get your hands on these life-changing, new products is to attend the Tranont ELEVATE Long Beach Convention this September!

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