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All About Customer Points

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Start earning more by maximizing your monthly customer points!

Customer points are the easy way to get paid on customers. Simply refer a customer to buy a Tranont product or service through your,, or replicated website where they can place an order.

For each product bought, you’ll receive customer points and volume. (Volume is used for volume bonuses and rank advancements.)


Your commission on Customer Points (CP) is a percentage of the total CP tallied at the end of the month. Each month, unlock higher commissions with more customer orders.

Think of it like a bucket, the more full your bucket is, the greater commissions are unlocked.

Customer Points vary by product, and some products like a Retail Partner service (solar power, business phones, or merchant processing) reward you with a LOT of CP!

Bucket diagram showing customer points commission with Tranont

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Drive for 5

Did you know by acquiring 5 Tranont Health Pack customers, you’ll receive a commission that more than covers the cost of your own Health Pack?

Do the math:

CP for Fitness Pack customer ______ x 5 customers = ___________ CP each month.

Now, look at the bucket diagram. What is the commission percentage unlocked at that level of CP?

Commission percentage x total CP = $__________ check (in USD).

Take Action!

Who are 10 people that you think could benefit from better health and overall wellbeing?

> Write them down.

Now send each one of them a text saying something like this:

“Hey ____ it’s _____. How have you been? Hey, I just found something I’m really excited about it, it’s helped me a lot and I thought you might be interested, too. What’s a good day this week that we can catch up over coffee and I can share this with you?”

Then set a date to share samples of Tranont Health products with them, or invite them to a Health Talk.

(Answers: Health Fitness Pack Customer = 240 CP X 5 = 1,200 CP each month. Unlocks 35% commission rate.  So, 0.35 * 1,200 = $420 (USD) commission each month.)

Download the PDF:

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