5 Tips For Sharing Life

Our first few shipments of [Life] are already arriving and
Associates are feeling the difference.
How can you share [Life] in a way that creates curiosity instead of raising resistance?
Here are Five Dos and Don’ts for Sharing [Life]:
Do: Share [Life].
Create sample packs with print-outs of the label and directions (download them here). Give each person enough [Life] capsules for at least three days of use.
Don’t: Suggest
that pregnant women, women seeking to get pregnant, children under 18 or
individuals with high or low blood sugar issues should take [Life]. If someone
asks if [Life] can help with X, Y, or Z issue, reply, “That’s something you’ll
need to talk to your doctor about.”
Do: Keep it
simple. [Life] simply unlocks the nutrients in your food* which
contributes to better nutrition and overall health.*
Don’t: Suggest
that [Life] has been evaluated by the FDA.
Do: Talk about
how [Life] makes you feel.
Don’t: Suggest
the same results could apply to someone else. Good nutrition affects each
person in unique ways. Some will feel dramatically different, others will
simply feel more energized.*
Do: Share your
own [Life] story
. Make a video, write a blog and share your story online
with #thisischange.
Don’t: Share
testimonials third-hand. If you can’t point to a written or recorded
testimonial from the original author, don’t share it. Remember, we can’t make
claims that [Life] is intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease
or symptom.
Do: Be mysterious on social media. Try sharing your results and experience using [Life] and don’t
show the bottle or talk about Tranont. Then follow-up with everyone that likes
or comments on your post with a simple: “I saw you liked my post! How are you
doing? It seems like we haven’t talked in ages.” Your goal isn’t to sell, it’s
to start conversations that will allow you to further explain your post and
your business.
Don’t: Be sales-ey
on social media. Don’t show the bottle of [Life] and say that everyone needs to
buy it. Keep it simple and create curiosity.


*These statements have not been evaluated by
the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose,
treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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